Drew Cheskin University of Miami: Working to Balance Studies and Extracurricular Activities

Did you recently finish school and enter college? College life is far different from high school, right? College is the next step into the real world. It is a place where you can explore your passions and choose your career path. It is a place where you can start molding your future the way you want it. Do you think that college is far more struggling? Managing studies with co-curricular activities, and so much more can bed raining?

Well, if you think that managing studies with other activities is draining, you should read about Drew Cheskin University of Miami. He is not an extraordinary student, just a normal guy who is studying for a B.S. Communication and doing a Major in Motion Pictures and Production. The reason we asked you to read about Drew Cheskin University of Miami is because of the choices and decisions he has made. He has been balancing studies and other activities for quite some time.

He has been able to do so not because he thought of it as an obligation, but something he wanted to do. If you are passionate about participating in an activity, event, or organization you can do it without feeling overwhelmed. One of the biggest requirements for managing studies with other things is having the energy to do it and keeping focus on your goals.

Drew Cheskin University of Miami worked as a dog walker in an animal shelter, was a camp counselor in summer 2019 for the Miami children's theatre, was a busser in a local restaurant, and so much more. He was also a note-taker and uploaded notes for the students with special abilities. He has been a part of a great initiative like a two-week Blood drive. He worked with an UMPD sergeant and organized this drive in the difficult times of the pandemic. They helped numerous Covid patients and a child suffering from cancer by this drive.

Along with being a part of the activities Drew Cheskin University of Miami also took time to improve and upgrade his academic skills. He learned Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft PowerPoint, and much more. Drew Cheskin University of Miami also writes blogs and reviews for movies from an unbiased opinion. He understands not only what is shown but also the behind-the-scenes of making a film. Reading his resume will help you see an example of balancing your studies with activities.

Original Reference: https://bityl.co/AkrI

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Drew Cheskin University of Miami: Working to Balance Studies and Extracurricular Activities
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