Drew Cheskin Miami: A Student Working Hard in Academics and Activities

Student life can be one of the most fruitful times in one's life because there are so many growth opportunities. When a student enters higher education, their main aim is to graduate with honors and attain the professional success they desire. Knowing where to look for information and listening to potential mentors are two crucial aspects of this process. Drew Cheskin Miami is an example for college and high school students as someone who looks for such information and mentors through different activities.

Drew Cheskin Miami is a current sophomore at the University of Miami with his major in Film Production. He has been a part of a number of local and university-level programs and has demonstrated leadership qualities in these endeavors.

We have listed some of his recent contributions in the following list:

OneBlood.org: Drew Cheskin Miami demonstrated leadership abilities with quality work and collaboration with the partners throughout this blood donation campaign at the University of Miami. People donated blood as part of this blood drive so that COVID-19 infected individuals might benefit from plasma therapy treatment. The event yielded a total of 195 units of blood, demonstrating that the blood drive was a big success. Along with Drew Cheskin, a UMPD Sargent also had a significant role in the event's planning.

Shake-a-leg Miami: Drew Cheskin Miami also worked with children with neurological disabilities. As a mentor, he was responsible for handling outdoor activities such as boats assisting campers to locate a sandbar through an outrigger boat. He also helped them in other engaging activities like arts and craft.

Miami Animal Shelter: The association with Miami Animal Shelter reflects on his nature to support and care for animal life. At this organization, he was responsible for taking care and managing the day-to-day activities of various animals like stray dogs who have been struggling to get a home. He supported these animals in getting a new home by talking to various potential owners and following up with these contacts.

As you can see, Drew Cheskin Miami is not just a student but someone who wants to make a difference. Check out his website to know more about his academic achievements and other extracurricular activities.

Original Reference: https://bityl.co/AkAg

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Drew Cheskin Miami: A Student Working Hard in Academics and Activities
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