Build A Resume Like Drew Cheskin to Get An Edge

Is your college time ending any time soon? Do your career plans include finding a desirable job after that? Well, even if your long-term plans include starting your own business, many students can get job experience in their field of interest to gain an advantage while going to college. The first and the most important thing that will help you land a job is your resume. That’s because it is an introduction to your personality. It helps the interviewer decide the right place for you in their organization. Needless to say, your resume has to be impressive. Drew Cheskin works on his resume with this in mind.

He has worked on diverse and innovative activities throughout his college life. Trying new things not only makes your college life more interesting but also adds value to your resume. But you don’t have to do things for the sake of mentioning it on your resume. When Drew Cheskin organized a blood drive on his college campus, there was a higher purpose attached. Not only that, he uploaded his notes to a note-taker network to help people with disabilities. Several factors make his resume exemplary. One such factor is his skill set. His skills include MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, MS-Publisher, MS-Word, and Adobe Premiere.

Your good deeds will highlight your contribution to society combined with gaining experience to emphasize your area of expertise. This can be seen in the resume of Drew Cheskin. His area of interest includes reviewing films and dramas. You can check out the official website of Drew Cheskin to read his reviews. His opinions on a film are unbiased and he adds value to the readers of his blogs. Unbiased opinions help in bringing movies to life.

A glance at one’s resume highlights a lot about a person. And once you check out the resume of Drew Cheskin, you will see how he tries to be well rounded. It can serve as a good example for you to build your own resume. Building a good resume is important, but one has to discover one’s areas of interest to really maximize its value. His resume shows his commitment to helping society and growing as an individual.

Original Reference: https://bityl.co/Ak4G

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Build A Resume Like Drew Cheskin to Get An Edge
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