My Little Army

In My Little Army, the main character had a nightmare following a large feast and decided to attack his enemies!

He commands a large number of units, but he still requires assistance with the war effort. Can you defeat all of your opponents and demonstrate to everyone that you are the most powerful person by winning the war?

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In this game, your goal is simple and straightforward! You try to win the war by attacking and destroying your enemies with various units. You can use your mouse to play the game.

To begin the game, go to the main menu and press the play button. There are multiple levels in the game, and each level has a different set of missions for you to complete. When you begin a level, your character is on the left side of the screen, while your opponents are on the right.

You can choose which units to send to your opponent at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the button in the bottom left corner, you can also change the bottom bar to spells. 

Mana is required to use spells and units, and you can check your mana at the top of the screen. You will lose the game if your hero dies. Enjoy!


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My Little Army
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