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What is the processing range of diamond blade

Structure and characteristics of diamond blade


The utility model comprises a base body and a knife body, the base body is provided with convex ribs along the disc edge, a plurality of dovetail grooves are evenly distributed along the circle, inverted dovetail convex wedges are set in the middle of two adjacent dovetail grooves, and stiffeners are set at the root of the convex ribs and the middle ring at the bottom of the plurality of groove grooves. The knife body is calcined and fixed on the convex ribs composed of dovetail grooves, dovetail convex wedges and stiffeners.


Because the above structural forms are selected for this product, when the knife body is restrained from calcining at the convex ridge, the knife body can not only fix the knife body on the matrix according to the reverse buckle effect of the dovetail groove, but also increase the fixing surface between the knife body and the matrix by using the fusion of both sides of the dovetail convex wedge and stiffener with the outer wall of the core shaft of the knife body, Then the firmness of the connection between the tool body and the matrix and the stability of application are completed.

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What is the processing range of diamond blade
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