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Best Treatment for Hair Loss in Men

Surgical Procedure: The permanent  Hair Revital X Review solution seems to be surgical method. There are different types of procedure depending upon the scalp area that has hair on it. Generally speaking skin on your scalp that has hair is tried to be put on that part of the scalp that has become hair less or bald. This procedure can be done in several ways and the cost will vary accordingly. These techniques are known as scalp reduction. They can also be termed as hair transplant.

Laser Treatment: In this process infra-red laser light is used to stimulate the scalp area and hair follicles. It is non invasive. Sometimes this procedure is used along with medicines like minoxidil and other DHT blocker like finasteride for optimum result. It is a costly treatment as you may need several sessions with session costing you around $200. You may need 25-50 sessions for satisfactory result.

But before you opt for any of these procedures, you need to assess your requirement. These are extreme solutions. First find out what is causing hair fall. If it is due to hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency or high level of stress, address these issues first.You can try natural treatment options. Some of these are scalp massage, hair mask, oil treatments. If none of the natural alternatives work for you, you can try any one of the above 3 mentioned techniques.


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Best Treatment for Hair Loss in Men
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