Since stealing is a profitable profession in real life so it is in RuneScape

When searching for Gielinor players will come across ensouled monster heads. These can be transported into Dark Altar where they can be revived with Arceuus magic RS Gold. Animated monsters can be slain to obtain a prayer experience. Overall this method is cheaper than having bones sacrificed at Altars but is slower at same however.

It is a good experience . If you're looking to cut down on costs while training your faith, it's one of the better methods besides Ectofuntus. It is also worth noting that ensouled heads can be stored in a rune pouch which results in extra inventory spaces. If you'd like to make use of this method follow these steps :

Be prepared as you'll be fighting the reanimated monsters. Take or buy from the banks ensouled heads of dramen, lunar staff or dramen, food and any potions that you might require in addition to runes you'll use to reanimate souls. When you've got Rejuvenation Pool or Fairy Ring at your house use the tablets in your home and if not take Amulet of Glory.

Teleport into Dark Altar using Fairy Ring (code CIS) from Edgeville or any other spot. If you're in the vicinity of the Altar Reanimate heads and kill monsters you've spawned. Make use of the house tablet to heal when you have Rejuvenation Pool and , if not, utilize the Amulet of Glory to enter an account in Edgeville. Repeat the procedure.

Additionally , there are a variety of quests to complete for Prayer experience like Holy Grail quest, Priest in Peril, Ghosts Ahoy, Recruitment Drive Spirits of the Elid, and many more Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. These are worth a look since they give a decent amount of xp per hour making them good alternative.

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Since stealing is a profitable profession in real life so it is in RuneScape
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