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Is Your Doctor an Addict?

Then I started to experiment. Memory Hack Review  Because it takes me 10 minutes to a half hour to even FALL asleep, I started out setting aside one hour for the nap. It was easy to let the feeling of drowsiness overcome me after lunch; sound familiar??? When my eyelids felt heavy and I found myself re-reading the same paragraph multiple times for comprehension, I knew it was time.I hadn't been lying down for five minutes when my cat, Kali, thought it'd be fun to join me. Her warm body wedged against my butt kept me from tossing and turning. Sure enough, I fell asleep. My internal clock wasn't used to this mid-day snooze, however, and I woke at 4:30 p.m. after nearly two and a half hours. Ugh!

Since that first nap experiment I've played around with times and places to hone my snoozing skills. While it appears the kindergarten nap has grown up, it's still my goal to keep it short. Looks like I'll just have to practice, practice, practice. Oh, and the guilt? The 'scientific' approach to perfecting this sport is keeping all guilt at bay. Plus, people in Latin countries as well as most European countries consider you odd if you DON'T indulge in the sacred, post-lunch, digestive ritual known as the nap.

After continuing Carl Jung's research I could understand how our brain and psyche work, and the real importance of the meaning of dreams. I could also understand the religious importance of my scientific discoveries.God is the dream producer. God speaks in dreams. This is a fact that can be observed into practice by all human beings now that the real meaning of dreams was clarified.

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Is Your Doctor an Addict?
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