What is the processing range of diamond blade

Processing of non-ferrous metal raw materials

When processing copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloys, the raw materials are easy to adhere to the cutting tools and the processing is difficult. Using the characteristics of low friction resistance and low infectivity with non-ferrous metals, diamond tools can reasonably avoid bonding between metal materials and tools. In addition, because the diamond elastic die is large, the edge deformation during cutting is small, and the extrusion deformation of the cut non-ferrous metal is small, the whole cutting process can be carried out under small deformation, and then the surface quality can be developed.

Processing of non-metallic materials

When processing difficult to process non-metallic materials with many high toughness simple harmonic movements, such as glass fiber elastomer materials, photovoltaic filled materials, hard carbon fiber materials / epoxy resin composite materials, the hard simple harmonic movement of raw materials causes serious tool damage, which can not be processed with cemented carbide tools, while diamond tools have high strength and good wear resistance, so the processing is efficient.

Ultra high precision machining

With the advent of modern integrated technology, machining is developing towards high precision, which clearly puts forward very high requirements for tool characteristics. Because the diamond has small friction resistance, low linear expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity, it can cut extremely thin cutting, and the cutting can be discharged casually. It has little infectivity with other chemicals, so it is not easy to cause chip accumulation tumor, low calorific value and high thermal conductivity. It can prevent the harm of calorific value to the cutting edge and product parts. Therefore, the cutting edge is not easy to passivate and the cutting deformation is small, High quality surface can be obtained.

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What is the processing range of diamond blade
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