How to easily reset asus router

It can get really uncomfortable if you have to deal with a slow network in your home or office due to a decline in the network speed from your Asus router. Another challenge of dealing with a poor network is trying to add devices to the network but you keep receiving a “no connection” notification. You can go ahead and try to employ some troubleshooting solutions to help you resolve the issue. You can try power cycling which is also the soft reset. You simply have to unplug your router, wait for sometime and plugh it back. Before you reset your router, always know that that is not the first option to resolving whatever technical issues that you might be facing with your router. In addition to that, you should also know that a factory reset will cause all your previous data to be wiped off totally. Therefore before doing a factory reset, you can note down the previous router and network information. But if your Asus router does not get to work after that, you have to perform a hard reset. Hence, you can utilize the guide here if you need help on how to reset asus router easily. This guide is very straightforward. The Asus router is designed to be user friendly and because it also has some major smart features, to reset it will not be an issue. After the reset, your Asus router will automatically restart and you can go ahead to set it up again. To do that, you can use the set up guide that is also provided here.

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How to easily reset asus router
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