Hydraulic Die Press Machine By Techtrivial

A hydraulic press is a multi-use device as it can be used to mold the plastic samples for several testing requirements as well as day to day inspection such as Color matching tabs can be made with it, Limiting oxygen index test samples as per ISO 4589 can be prepared. The use of it is quite simple, but the granules on the dies of expected shape and press it on prescribed temperature, and within some minutes you get your sample as required.

Features of this machine 

  • Designed in Germany and made in India with no competition advantage performance.

  • The hydraulic press fundamental structure consists of two heating plates capable of withstanding very high pressure up to 20KN. The heating plates are powered by coil heater of very high quality.

  • Hydraulics work with oil pressure.

  • PID controllers used are made in Germany or EU as per availability.

  • Space needed: –

    • Basic model as indicated in the picture is a table top compatible model and takes < 1mtr2.

    • Motorized model is a stand-alone machine with high almost 3 times more efficiency and should be grouted on the ground or kept with a sturdy support, it takes approx. 1 mtr2 space too.

  • Motorized model is equipped with auto cut and safety features like emergency stop, over heat etc.

  • Pressure gauges used in the model are analogue and comes with NABL accredited laboratory Calibration certificate.

For More Information Visit - https://www.techtrivial.com/product/multi-die-hydraulic-press-for-making-sample-molds/

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Hydraulic Die Press Machine  By Techtrivial
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