Do Taxi Drivers have to Issue Complete Invoices?

When we make a long trip we usually choose to go by train or plane to make the travel time shorter or not have to drive so many hours. This makes us consider paying a taxi to take us to the airport or the train station. According to a 2012 INE study, there are some 70,000 taxi licenses in Spain. This makes us touch a taxi for 600 people. If we want to reach our destination safely, we can book a taxi liverpool anytime. To make the payment for the journey, we must wait until we reach our destination and the meter stops. Thanks to him, the passenger knows what he has to pay for the trip.

When paying, the taxi driver may or may not give us a bill. Normally those who usually request an invoice are those who have to justify the expense to a company. In these cases, the taxi driver can issue a simplified invoice, which came to replace the tickets, as stated in the corresponding regulations. Unless the client expressly requests that they want a complete invoice to be able to deduct VAT. In this case, you must include the customer’s data so that he can pay this VAT.

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Do Taxi Drivers have to Issue Complete Invoices?
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