Treatment technology of diamond blade

Diamond blade is mainly used for optical fiber laser cutting of hard and brittle natural marble. It is one of the important common tools for producing and processing natural marble. The diamond blade is made by arc welding and electric welding on the annular substrate.

The diamond blade shall carry out all normal optical fiber laser cutting. The matrix shall have a certain tensile strength as far as possible. In addition, it shall not be too soft and have a certain bending strain. The comprehensive type is reflected in sufficient compressive strength. Another important feature of the matrix is that it is subject to significant vibration in application. Because the blade is thicker than the substrate, During operation, there is a certain gap between the matrix and the natural marble cut by optical fiber laser. In order to better prevent the matrix from breaking due to tensile strength or fatigue due to vibration, the matrix shall have certain plastic ductility, high fatigue limit and ductility limit as far as possible, so as to reduce damage and digest vibration.

It can be seen from the technical standard requirements of diamond blade matrix that to ensure the ductility limit and compressive strength index of the matrix, the heat treatment method of diamond blade with 65Mn as matrix raw material should be medium temperature quenching. However, the matrix quenching of diamond blade has a very obvious characteristic, which is that the quenching deformation and cracking can be selective.

The causes of deformation are

1. Whether it is steam or salt bath, the convective heat transfer of heat will more or less destroy the sheet base and cause temperature rise deformation.

2. In addition, during quenching, the transformation of ultra-low temperature austenite to martensite is accompanied by the change of vaporization heat, resulting in the change of structural stress field, etc.

There are many factors leading to cracks, such as steel composition, raw material defects, original group, heating element, cooling element, and the unique structural characteristics of the blade, which lead to the accumulation of various stress fields in the holes in the sheet, especially the large increase of peripheral tensile stress, which are all irreversible factors causing cracks.

The process performance of diamond blade matrix is very harmful to its quality and performance parameters, and the heat treatment process of matrix is the primary condition to damage its process performance.

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Treatment technology of diamond blade
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