What is the meaning and function of installing 4g car gps tracker in taxi?

Many people ask: Why do taxis need to install a GPS vehicle management system? What is the meaning and function of installing 4g car gps tracker in taxi? This should ask: Why does the taxi have no GPS vehicle management system?

As far as the nature of the taxi industry is concerned, taxis are a non-stop industry with a large passenger flow, complex sources, and many cash transactions. After years of studying robber cases, it is found that taxi drivers are the first choice for many robbers. The lives and property of taxi drivers are always threatened. Nowadays, when robbers commit real-time crimes, they do not pay attention to the time and area. As long as they have the opportunity, taxi drivers will become their targets.

How to improve the life and property safety of taxi drivers? What role can GPS vehicle positioning system play in this regard? ——To ensure the personal safety of taxi drivers.

The most obvious advantage of installing a GPS vehicle positioning system in a taxi is that the vehicle positioning system can help the administrator locate the vehicle at any time, and is equipped with an SOS one-button alarm. When a taxi driver encounters a kidnapping or robbery, he only needs to press the SOS switch. The GPS vehicle management system will automatically send vehicle location and vehicle alerts to managers. Managers can directly track the vehicle on the platform to ensure the driver Security. In addition, the editor also learned that many taxi companies have installed an LED display in their cars, which can be used for advertising under normal circumstances. When the company is in danger, the display will become a life-saving screen. The significance and function of installing an on-board GPS positioning system in a taxi: The current vehicle positioning system can be connected to an LED screen. When there is an opportunity to press the SOS button of the locator, the LED screen will scroll the words "I was robbed, please call the police" at the same time, so that you can directly and quickly seek help from nearby staff.

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What is the meaning and function of installing 4g car gps tracker in taxi?
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