Led Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Installation Details Of Street Lights

Led Street Light Housing Factory introduces the precautions for installing street lights:
1. A comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources, and poles, based on actual and reference lighting standards on the road, combined with investment budgets, and reasonable selection of solar lamps, light sources, and poles, so as to give full play to the high efficiency and energy saving of light sources. The advantages of light distribution and accessory combination.

2. Under the conditions of guaranteed lighting performance, appropriately increase the distance between solar street light lamps to save the number of lamps; appropriately increase the height of solar street light poles to improve the lighting effect; as far as possible, place poles in the middle of the road to save engineering cost.

3. In combination with road engineering, intervene in pole position selection, foundation construction, and pre-embedding in advance in time to discover problems in time, make reasonable changes, ensure quality, and save investment.

4. According to the actual and geological conditions of the solar street light project site, design and manufacture the base of the solar street light pole and the base of the high pole lamp to ensure the foundation is firm and reliable. Special attention should be paid to the adaptation of the embedded bolts to the reserved holes of the rod seat, accurate positioning, reasonable embedded length, and external length, and the threaded part should be properly protected to facilitate lifting and positioning.

5. In rock formations and weathered stone areas, it is difficult to meet the requirements for scattered grounding and segmented grounding. It is possible to consider the galvanized flat steel and other conductors to be connected according to the design requirements. The connection should be reliable, and at the same time, appropriate protective treatment and the pre-embedded foundation are reliably connected to ensure that each light pole is reliably connected to the ground. The high pole lights in solar street lights are scattered, and they mainly rely on basic grounding. If necessary, use resistance-reducing agents to reduce grounding resistance.

6. Hoisting operations must strictly abide by the operating procedures. Pay special attention to the power grid lines and other lines around the hoisting equipment, as well as the surrounding structures. The hoisting points should be reasonable during hoisting and should be adjusted in time after positioning.

7. Pay attention to the beauty of the solar street light pole after installation. Starting from the foundation construction, the straightness of the lamp position is controlled based on the mainline, and the line shape of the road design is changed reasonably. The lamp pole is straight, and the welding seam and access opening should be avoided in the mainline direction, and the whole line should be consistent. The inclination angle of the cantilever of the light pole should be coordinated with the direction and the angle.

8. The internal fittings of the solar street lamp should be inserted tightly and firmly to avoid failure caused by a loose wind pendulum and poor contact. Solar street light fixtures and lamp poles, lamp poles, and cantilevers are reliably fixed. The middle and high pole lights of solar street lights must be fitted with each pole in place, the lifting frame and lamps must be reliably fixed, the lifting system must be safe and reliable, and the functions of lifting, limiting, and positioning must be complete.

Through the above introduction, Die-cast Housing Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Led Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Installation Details Of Street Lights
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