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What is the most popular type of gambling? Casino slot games. Based on statistics collected from U.S. casinos, slot machines are responsible for 70% of all income. Such love of players is based on availability and cheapness, due to that both modern and classic slots became the most popular type of gambling.

A classic slot games for offline establishments has the simplest operating principle. There are vertical reels with applied symbols, in the amount of three or more, which rotate, and when stopped, symbols form a combination of symbols in a dedicated line. If the symbols of the same value dropped out, then you won. Each symbol differs from the rest visually and has its dignity, so the higher your combination is, the higher the win.

The classic slot games were the first in the world and still has not lost its popularity, now offering the player a wider choice of mechanics, visual design, and bonus systems, much of which was not initially available due to limited technologies.

classic casino video slots

The history of the creation of the cult machine

"One-armed bandit," or rather one of its versions, which later became so popular, was created in 1895 by Charles Fey and had a sweet name "Liberty Bell". Similar slot machines already existed, but they were either card and imitated a game of poker or roulette, and in both cases, it was necessary to guess the color or card.

Whereas the Charles machine used the reels with a star, card suits (hearts, spades, and tambourines), a horseshoe, and, of course, the bell that gave the name to the machine. The success was overwhelming and allowed Fairy to continue to develop the classic slot machine further. Of course, he was not the only inventor of that time in this area, but it so happened that he was the most famous.


Constant adaptation and strengthening of positions of classic slots

Slot machines flooded bars and cafes, where after prohibitive oppression they were converted into slots classicmachines slots dispensing chewing gum, and the symbols on the reels were replaced by popular tastes: cherries, plums, mint, and lemon. Only the bell remained in its rightful place among these new symbols.

The slot machine with the edible prizes was named "Fruit machine", and such a change did not reduce the popularity of slot machine games, but, on the contrary, increased it, since now they could be placed everywhere. In schools, pharmacies, gas stations, and supermarkets. But problems with the rule of law and local authorities pursued gambling mechanisms almost all the time of their existence.


Modernization of slot machines

In 1930, have appeared an automaton in which the drums were rotated by an electric motor, and not by a mechanical effort of the player. In 1966, the process of issuing winnings was automated, now the machine throws coins into a special tray because until that moment to obtain the winning it was necessary to contact the owners of the institution in which the slot machine was located.

Later, were developed classic casino video slots that no longer have reels, they were replaced by screens and motherboards with random number generators, and the number of lines has increased. The principle of operation became more complicated, new rules and changes were introduced to attract new players. In 1994 was the transition to the online, and the classic slot machine gradually retired, having gone through the labor path for about 60 years.

Now it has been replaced by more technological, colorful brothers-in-gambling in all the casinos of the world, and the popularity of such a game of chance is not going to decrease.


How classic slot machine works and the probability of combinations

The first machine was incredibly simple. Dip a five-cent coin into the coin acceptor, pull the lever and wait for the rotation to stop, then look at the result on a single line, and in the case of the right combination, the wined amount showed up on the front panel of the machine. The maximum win was if three bells appeared.

When you play classic slots, each combination has its probability of appearance, which depends on the number of symbols you are interested in on the reel. You just need to take this number, divide by the total number of symbols on one reel and raise it to the third power (multiply by itself three times). The resulting number will be the probability, where 1 is equal to 100%. This calculation works just for the classic variant, as the slot machines with a more complex system may work differently.

Now the simplicity of the process has remained unchanged, but additional comfort has been added in the form of a panel with buttons, coin acceptors, music, and bright lights. Thanks to such clear and novice-friendly design the most popular free casino games are classic slots, and this seems to remain for a long time. The player can even download classic slots to his device, to practice at any time fortunately, this game does not take up much space.

classic casino video slots


Things to remember when playing classic slots

Your win or loss does not in any way depend on the place, time, duration of the game, previous results, or the order of the dropped combinations. This is as random a process as possible.

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