How to Lubricate Noisy Garage Door

If an unpleasant sound of your overhead garage door in Grapevine irritates you every time it opens or closes, it’s time to fix the issue. As time passes, regular use causes garage doors in Grapevineto become noisy, indicating signs of problems with it or its worn parts. But, it does not mean you have to replace your overhead garage door. All you need to do is tighten the loose parts in the garage door, replace the worn-out ones, and lubricate the moving ones to reduce noise.

Ways To Lubricate Noisy Garage Door

Due to the constant movement of metal-on-metal parts like rollers, hinges, and springs, the garage doors in Grapevine become noisy. If you neglect timely lubricating these areas ultimately, it will damage your overhead garage door in Grapevine. To avoid it, spray lubricant once every two months, even if you don’t hear any annoying sounds.

● How to Lubricate Rollers

The rollers are metal cylinders connected to each panel of your garage door, fixing it to its track. Before lubricating, check the type of rollers you have on your overhead door in Grapevine. If you have metal rollers, spray petroleum-based lubricant on them and wipe the excess liquid away. But, if you have nylon rollers, do not use a lubricant. The chemical compounds in petroleum can break it down. Also, nylon rollers don’t need lubrication to operate. Instead, ask a garage door repair professional to check other noise causes or replace the rollers.

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How to Lubricate Noisy Garage Door
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