The owner of the famed NBA 2K video game franchise

NBA 2K22 is an excellent NBA BASKETBALL SIMULATOR, but there's no ignoring that the most recent installment of the series that has been running for a long time features the game's most tame grind NBA 2K MT, the in-game "Virtual Currency" generally referred to as VC.

As usual , players of the NBA 2K community are back with a fresh round of "glitches" intended to make lots of currency in a short period of time. Below, we'll highlight several of the most frequently discussed methods being used by players after the update to 1.06.

Before getting to the methods we believe it's best to clarify some things. One is that these methods don't provide instant access to 100,000 VC without much effort. In reality, they're simply grinds with shorter forms that need lesser time of play to accumulate some decent amounts of money.

The term "glitch" is used from the internet community as a description of these strategies but there's more involved than it seems Buy 2K MT. If you're not willing to repeatedly wash and repeat to earn the extra cash, these glitches will not be worth your time.

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The owner of the famed NBA 2K video game franchise
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