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As I've said before, the key to good conversation is culturing yourself. It'll give you endless topics to talk about, and you'll find that the more cultured you are, the easier it'll be for you to connect and relate to others. And what do I mean by "culturing"? I simply mean educating and exploring areas that are outside of the typical things you take part in. Here are a few ways you can culture yourself:

Hang Out With A Group of People Outside of Your Usual Social Group

My strongest strength when it comes to conversation, is that I constantly rotate my group of friends. For instance, you guys know that I have my "player" buddies, but I also have my computer buddies, intellectual buddies, thug buddies, hippy buddies, art buddies, etc. Don't be surprised if you see me hanging out with a group of people you wouldn't normally see me with.

What this does, is expose you to ideas that are different than your own. For instance, I can talk to a girl about the artist Monet, and talk to another girl about the band Korn. You get the point. I came from a thuggish background, but it was exposing myself to different ideas and ways of life that allows me to connect with just about anyone.

Do Something Unusual

Something that you wouldn't ordinarily do. Did you know that I didn't drink until I turned 21? And as a result, I was exposed to a completely different world that was unknown to me (And the stories in the blog are a result of it). Perhaps that isn't the best example. Let's use a better one.

I ride my bike 15 miles to and 15 miles from work everyday. Everyone thought I was crazy, I thought I was crazy, but I did it anyway. And as a result, I now have an interesting story to tell women when I talk to them. Not only that, but if I ever run into a biker, I can comfortably talk about the usual bike banter that cyclists talk about.

And currently, The Peacemaker has been inviting me out to play pool. I hate pool, but I'll go anyway. Why? because I know that I may potentially grow to like it. And not only will I become good at it, it opens up a whole new realm of conversation to talk about, as well as another activity to take my women to.

Read Anything Interesting

As I mentioned before, I read anything that looks interesting to me. And if I like it, I explore further. Thus, I become exposed to new ideas and ways of life. For instance, I randomly picked up a book by Napoleon Hill just because I thought it looked interesting. And as I result, it completely transformed my life, and is the source of a lot of knowledge I pass on to others.

Between a few of the blog readers and myself, we constantly email each other book recommendations, and collectively, we expose ourselves to new ideas and things to think talk about.

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Culturing Ones Self
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