The use of car vacuum cleaners

For many car owners, the dust in the car is a headache, especially in summer, frequent opening and closing of the car door will create opportunities for dust intrusion, and poor sealing performance will also cause the accumulation of dust in the car. Dust attached to the dashboard will affect the driver's reading of the parameters, attached to the windshield will also affect the driver's line of sight, and dust is the source of all diseases, long-term accumulation of a large amount of dust in the cabin will increase the respiratory tract The probability of various diseases.

To clean the seats, meters, and air-conditioning vents in the car, you need a Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner. To deal with the stubborn dust attached to the roof and trunk, users can use a suction head with a short-bristled brush to suck while brushing, and the effect is good.

Nowadays, there are many brands of vacuum cleaners in the auto supplies market. How to buy them? According to the power of the car vacuum cleaner, it can be divided into three grades, 300 watts or more, 100-300 watts, and 100 watts or less.

1. Vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaners with a power of more than 300 watts not only have high requirements for inverter power, but the price of products of this grade is also relatively expensive.

2. The 100 watt-300 watt vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner has high suction power, its power greatly exceeds the traditional vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner, and the use effect is also more prominent. But it also has relatively high power requirements for the inverter power supply, and the price is relatively expensive. Most of the products are priced around 400-500 yuan.

There are many brands within 3.100 watts, which are cheap and affordable. Although the power is not great, it is enough for the average car owner.

Although the more powerful ones tend to be more effective, like all electrical appliances, for most car users, vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as possible. The key is to suit your own car situation. If you only drive in the city, the road conditions are better and there is not much dust. Of course, a low-power vacuum cleaner is fine. However, if you often drive long distances, it is best to have a higher-powered vacuum cleaner. At the same time, pay attention to the inverter power supply that matches the power of the device, so that the safety of the car and the owner can be guaranteed, and at the same time, energy consumption can be reduced.

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The use of car vacuum cleaners
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