Benefits of San Jose Medical Marijuana Card

San Jose medical marijuana card is a way to have easy access to marijuana products around the city. But its advantages don’t end there. It comes along with a number of benefits that make life easier for MMJ patients. According to the marijuana laws of the state, any medical patient who possesses a medical marijuana card enjoys the following benefits.

  • The legal age for using medical cannabis in San Jose is 18 years instead of 21 years. It allows younger patients to get the cannabis treatment that they need.

  • You can possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis at a time.

  • You have easy access to all medical as well as recreational dispensaries across the city and their products.

  • A medical card helps the patient save money by getting tax exemptions and special discounts at state dispensaries and licensed online stores.

  • It offers you legal security and leverage while traveling or flying with cannabis.

  • Patients get to have their own cannabis plants at home. You can also apply for a grower's license to have up to 99 plants at your home.

So, if you are ready to make your life easier and better, fill our simple form and complete your 420 evaluations to get your MMJ card today.


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Benefits of San Jose Medical Marijuana Card
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