Does Necrospermia Mean 100% Infertility?

Although it is said that the process from pregnancy to childbirth is always carried out by women, in fact, at the first conception, women can't become pregnant without the participation of men. Some couples have always wanted a baby, but the man has found out necrospermia. 

Many men with necrospermia have not given birth yet, but they still have a strong need for fertility. So, after necrospermia, does it mean that pregnancy is 100% impossible?

Any possibility of pregnancy with necrospermia? 


Necrospermia is related to male spermatogenesis defects, varicocele, seminal vesicles, prostate, and epididymis. Whether the nutritional status of the whole body is good or whether vitamin A, E deficiency, and other factors are also related to necrospermia. Therefore, for whether necrospermia can be naturally pregnant, a specific analysis should be made for the aforementioned factors. If it is caused by systemic malnutrition, it will be possible to get pregnant naturally by conditioning the body.


If various inflammations cause it, after anti-inflammatory treatment, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for sterilization and anti-inflammatory, it is customary to become pregnant naturally after full recovery; The pill is made of more than 50 kinds of natural herbs, which can increase the rate of natural pregnancy. 


In short, as long as it is symptomatic treatment, it can be pregnant as desired. Of course, there are some patients whose condition is not severe. As the body becomes naturally strong, the sperm count does not need to be treated, and the sperm count is up to the standard. Of course, they can naturally become pregnant.

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Does Necrospermia Mean 100% Infertility?
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