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RuneScape - I am currently in f2p

My aim to climb at least 53 to RuneScape gold to complete all quests that require farm equipment. I'm currently level 31 in farming. I have a Falador Willow tree as well as a Catherbery Apple tree. Do I have to start replanting fruit trees and trees once they're fully grown.

If I cut my willow to make logs, do ents and the arms that break your axe pop out? I often do multiple tasks on RS and have to keep three axes for runes in my. Because they are simple to access in my farming runs, I'll add an Varrock tree as well as Gnome's stronghold tree. I have complete parcels of land in Port Phasmatys, Catherbery, East Ardougne, and Draynor. I haven't yet started to plant bushes or hops.

I am currently in f2p. I have learned str from 77 to nearly 80. I quit at 80 to improve my other abilities, but I'm likely to become a member shortly and would like to get to get a skill cape. I don't want to cook or flytch if I get an ability cape. But, I wish for my first 99 to be special so strength is what I picked. How long would 80-99 str take, and what is the best place to train? It depends on the place you train, whether your prepared to spend money on pots or good food during your training, etc.

Let's start by letting me mention that strength skillcapes are almost as popular these days as cooking/fletching ones. If you're looking for a unique cape, go to a specific skill like mining, slayering or running, farming, hunter, agility or fishing. You can learn these skills cheaply and fairly quickly if you want to.

Let's return to the issue of where can I build my strength? There are a few places that I'll mention: Pest control. This is a bad alternative, but it is very well-known. Because of the fairly new system for controlling pests, its actually not that fast xp anymore and won't earn you any hitpoints xp as well as be dull and sometimes frustrating. I would guess that you would play about 2-3 hours per day, and then spend between 8 and 10 weeks learning to buy old school runescape gold become an effective pest control expert.

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RuneScape - I am currently in f2p
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