7 countries with no income tax

As Benjamin Franklin said, "In this world only death and taxes are inevitable." However, the politician was partly wrong, there are states in the world that can afford not to charge income tax to citizens. In addition to this information, you can read about the taxes of different countries in this article https://migronis.com/en/blog/taxes-in-europe



The Arab Emirates is a tax heaven where there is no tax on business income, personal income, or salaries. However, there are some fees that are, so to speak, disguised and included in the cost of certain services. Nevertheless, if you compare the size of business income and the size of fees, you cannot call the latter a tax. Taxes are imposed on companies operating in the oil and gas sector, as well as on foreign banks.

2. Qatar .

Qatar is a country without taxes. Residents of this country, whose average income fluctuates in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars, feel fine. In addition, residents of the country are exempt from paying for electricity, telephone and... Education! Qataris owe their prosperity to vast deposits of oil and natural gas.

3: Oman

Like the rest of the Middle East, Oman lives from the sale of natural resources. Although Omanis don't give away a single Omani riyal from their wages, they contribute 6.5 percent of their income to social insurance each month.

4. Kuwait

One of the world's leading oil exporters has the highest per capita income. Its inhabitants, like the Omanis, contribute money only to social insurance.

5. Cayman Islands

In this country, there is not only no income tax and VAT, but also no social security contributions. The only taxes are duties on foreign goods.

6. Bahrain

Another Middle Eastern country that supplements the state budget not from its inhabitants, but from the sale of oil. Residents here are burdened only by social security contributions and property tax.

7. Bermuda

The British Overseas Territory is one of the richest countries in the world. An attractive tax system ensures an influx of foreign companies. Residents are required to contribute to mandatory social security, estate and inheritance taxes.

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7 countries with no income tax
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