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Insta Keto: Do Not Buy Leaked Its Side Effects

Insta keto gonna do the lashes yeah maybe a little bit the highlighting powder so the one that I use is Wet n Wild mega glue I love that hi matters so much so where I put it is with my hand I'm gonna go here I'm gonna go here my eyes then on my nose just here like that there you go blended and done and then I'm gonna go here that's a lot that's a lot of highlight but what do you think and it gives a little pinky cheeks like I said for the eyebrow I go with a brown pencil regular brown pencil this one is from Annabelle 0:14 medium brown and at first I'm just gonna go and brush my brows like a regular brushing in the same way of your natural born little pros so for the lips very simple we're gonna go with the brown pencil by Urban Decay do you guys remember that in one of my videos I forgot about this pencil and I was like 


Insta keto what is this and it's actually you guys who remember me what was the pencil it would feel like that and everybody said whiskey from urban decay so I was able to go buy it and anyways I think on safer on the website you can still see it but I pay close attention to that and now here it is so this is what I do my contour of my lips with even though my lips are naturally that contour darker but I just go on over it I'm gonna take one of my new favorite by EULA beauty this is a color that I totally like it's doing right and I think this is one of the most popular colors and then let's see how my lips becomes voluptuous and I feel like it's a color that goes well on someone who's darker our skin tone and someone who's lighter what 

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Insta Keto: Do Not Buy Leaked Its Side Effects
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