Best Electric Bikes with Hidden Battery in 2021

HOTEBIKE electric bike has an adjustable stem riser that is installed on a 26-inch e-bike to make it equivalent to a 27.5-inch electric bicycle. The adjustable stem riser is more flexible than common stem risers. The wheels should be matched with 26*2.35 inch tyres. Alternatively, you may opt for standard tyres 26"x1.95", depending on your requirements. In order to increase the speed of the e-mountain bike, a 500w motor was installed on the rear wheel, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 35-40km/h. Whether on a mountain road, rough trails or flat street, the 500W electric motor on the mountain electric bike always provides enough power for riders to meet their cycling needs. A 48-volt lithium battery makes this electric mountain bike capable of a maximum range of 40-60 km when fully charged. The removable battery makes charging the battery very convenient. Simply remove the battery with the key and plug it into a socket to charge with the supplied charger, then wait for about 5-7 hours for the battery to fully charge. An LCD display is mounted at the center of the handle bar to provide the best visual effect for riders. Match 26 inch wheels with 2.35 inch tyres that are wider than 1.95 inch standard tyres. Make the mountain bike cycling more stable, and allow it to cover more terrain.

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Best Electric Bikes with Hidden Battery in 2021
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