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Men’s guide to formal wear


Dressing up formally, whether it is to work or any social event, can be a challenging thing to do. Depending on the several different places people work, there are endless options for men's formal wear.For instance, dress codes at work may range from formal to business casual to casual. It all depends on the set rules at your workplace. Also, sometimes we are invited to social events that call for formal attires. Observing the set dress code is a way of showing respect to the host. Therefore, it is important to have different formal attires to wear on such and many other occasions. Here is a guide to help you dress appropriately for any event.

Black tie

There are several black-tie occasions, and you won’t be surprised to be invited to one or two; formal weddings, fundraising, or a date night. On such occasions, dress well to atleast show you made an effort.If you are going to buy one at Wayrates, put yourself in the hands of a professional. If you have the means, work with a good tailor to make a tux fit your proportions perfectly. Keep it simple! Midnight blue or black is the only truly acceptable hues for a tuxedo unless you own more than one. You can wear a classic white dress shirt with a tux, preferably with French cuffs, but keep in mind that this is an opportunity to show off a bit in men’s trendy clothing. Our preference is the classic pleated-front shirt with French cuffs and a wing collar. Of course, this being a black tie, a black bow tie is preferred, but let's try not to look like we're on staff at the event. A bow tie is required for that wing collar shirt, but if you prefer, you can wear a regular necktie with a regular dress shirt for a very clean, modern look.

White tie

A white-tie dress code is the most formal type of dress code. It is also the rarest reason you shouldn't worry about having one unless you're royalty. If you feel the need to have it, look for white vests, a bow tie, and tails.


Don’t wait until the day of the event to try on all the elements. Try everything on and experiment with different styles in front of a full-length mirror a week or two before the occasion to make sure everything is in great shape. Opt for men’s Henley for smart-casual settings.


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Men’s Tactical, Outdoor, Casual Clothing and Accessories
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