Using paleontologists light or dinosaur lights

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Using paleontologists light or dinosaur lights is important to paleontologists when working in an environment where the presence of fluorescent light or high-pressure can harm the specimen. It is also important to the paleontologist that the light be both pale and yellow. The pale and yellow colors make it easier to see parts of the specimen. Different types of light sources are used, and paleontologists have developed the use of xenon and fluorescent.personalised blankets

There are two types of dinosaur lighting. One is for general purposes and the other is to pinpoint a specific feature or area on a specimen. A good paleontologist uses both types of lights, sometimes in tandem. For example, a certain feature on a bone might need more light to show up, so paleontologists may decide to use a hand held device to illuminate a specific portion of the bone. The dinosaur specialist will then be able to carefully aim the light to that feature and take a picture of it.

Other times, paleontologists will choose to use a low-voltage lamp to illuminate a certain feature or area of a specimen.

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Using paleontologists light or dinosaur lights
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