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New York Business Litigation Attorneys

 Most business transactions are executed using some kind of contract or agreement. This can take many forms, including a binding letter of intent, an executed contract, or a signed memorandum. Contracts set forth the rights and obligations of the parties and can have serious consequences if the terms are violated.

New York Business Litigation Attorneys: When one party fails to fulfill its obligations under an agreement, such party is breaching the contract. When this happens, the party harmed by the breach should consider all available options, including litigation. The New York litigation lawyers at Kleyman Law Group: Boutique Law Firm NYC have successfully litigated business disputes for over 10 years. Our attorneys have significant experience representing individuals and companies in commercial litigation matters. Kleyman Law Group attorneys have to experience counseling clients and litigating a wide range of commercial disputes, including those involving real estate interests, the acquisition of goods and services, partnership termination or dissolution, and shareholder disputes.

In today’s competitive business environment, commercial litigation is often part of the fabric of business operations. A breach of contract can cause your company significant harm, especially if business operations are interrupted. Conversely, a claim against you for breach of contract can have serious professional consequences. If your business needs to defend itself against a claim or if you believe another party breached an agreement and/or engaged in fraud, you need a New York commercial litigation attorney with the skills, bandwidth, and litigation firepower to protect your business.

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New York Business Litigation Attorneys | Kleyman Law Group
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