My first real MMO was Everquest 2 back

This is the final warning for violators of aion classic kinah the User Agreement or Rules of Conduct. Any subsequent violations could lead to your account being terminated permanently by Aion. I urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure that this doesn't occur.

The night before getting exiled, I completed SR ledger run, and then came back 2x. I think there are 25mobs or more that can drop ledgers. My group of 10 would wait for me to take over the instance, then return for another run.

I've been watching a lot of Asmongold's playthroughs of FF 14 and am admiring the way the community has been very supportive of him over the last few months. It's great to be able to see Final Fantasy 14 finally get a chance to shine, as a long-time player.

I've also been watching his views regarding Classic WoW as well as live WoW issues as well as being confronted by the problems that plague the entire game. While watching his latest video discussing the possibility of World of Warcraft 2 I got a weird thought.

My first real MMO was Everquest 2 back around 2004. It was an excellent game. I still play it occasionally. However it has in my mind sunk and turned into an unrecognizable version of what it was back when I first started playing it. Everquest 2 had been released as the Time Locked Expansion Server a time ago. This was an EQ2 server that was augmented. Servers would be upgraded quicker, but eventually catch up with live. The server would be recreated at zero. EQ2 is more extensive than WoW and has the quality-over-quantity issue.

Although I'm aware that EQ2 may not be the most popular MMO like WoW, and it never been, I'm feeling the same vibes emanating from WoW's community. I'm also convinced that Asmon's position on classic and live indicates that the two games might be on the same path. Classic could be becoming the kind of TLE which begins with a great start and everyone is giddy about nostalgia, but later it gets boring as the community realizes that they don't have the same excitement as they once had.

If there's a further example of how TLEs affect the player base of a game, one can also look at Archage's attempts to do so, and now even Aion is trying to reintroduce players who enjoyed the original vanilla of the game.

It is fascinating to look at how Classic is different from TLEs of Everquest or releases of Archage and Aion however, if the past does repeat itself the TLEs in EQ2 die out quickly and the more expansions released, the less excitement there is for the expansion itself. This is reserved for buy aion classic kinah eu people who have been playing for a long time and aren't the bright light of the community.

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My first real MMO was Everquest 2 back
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