The difference between wet and dry vacuum cleaners and dry vacuum cleaners

We know that vacuum cleaners can be classified into horizontal vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners, rod vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners according to their shape.

Vacuum cleaners can be divided into dust bag type, dust cup type, HEPA filter and water filter according to the filtering method. Among the dust cup type vacuum cleaners and water filter vacuum cleaners, there are dry vacuum cleaners and wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Today we come Talk about what is called a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner easy to use? What is the difference with a dry vacuum cleaner?

As the name implies, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that can be used both dry and wet. Generally, dry vacuum cleaners should be used to avoid water inhalation, because the filter and dust bag of this type of vacuum cleaner cannot be wetted. The dual-purpose vacuum cleaner can both vacuum and absorb water. Some people call it a vacuum cleaner.

Compared with ordinary dry vacuum cleaners, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner has an extra centrifugal chamber. When dust, air, and water are sucked into the centrifugal chamber, the heavier water is rotated at a high speed, thrown toward the inner wall of the centrifugal chamber, and flows into the lower collection. bucket. The lighter dust and air enter the filter bag to filter the dust after passing through the centrifugal chamber.

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The difference between wet and dry vacuum cleaners and dry vacuum cleaners
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