Pastry Boxes - More Than Just Packaging

If you own a bakeshop, the aroma of your baked goodies doesn't have to be the only thing that comes out of your shop. If you want to maximize sales, and thereby profits, it is necessary to present your baked goods in a way that will tempt people to buy. Your pastries will not only look delicious if they are packaged in bagel or pastry boxes, but they will ensure convenient transport home for your customer. 

Today, there is a wide array of pastry and bagel boxes specifically designed for pastry products. These boxes give a totally custom gable boxes different look to your products. If you have adequate display cabinets that present your wares in a tempting manner you only need to provide plain, inexpensive pastry boxes. Many people these days, however, rely on fancy baked goods as gifts and tokens of appreciation. Often these are a last minute purchase and the customer has the dilemma of wrapping them on the run.

 Some savvy business owners are keeping a supply of decorative pastry boxes plus a small range of ribbon and gift cards. This enables them to offer the customer an extra service that will not go unnoticed. By establishing a reputation for this type of service they can improve their turnover of the more expensive items. There are many styles of cake and pastry packaging. One popular type is the plain brown Kraft pastry boxes which can hold one dozen bagels and two tubs of cream cheese.

 These are great for other baked items like muffins and cupcakes. You are assured that your meal is safe and secure. Top-lock closure on pastry boxes allows an easy secure lock every time. Another style of cake packaging is the gable box. These are perfect for catering, lunches, to-go items, party gifts, and the like. In addition to their handy design, this style of pastry box is suitable for easy transport. Using them allows you to take your baked goodies to your friends or to a party easily.

 If you want to buy some Danish pastries, cookies, mini cupcakes or muffins for your friends and family, the best way to pack them is in a bakery box with clear cello windows which allow you to show your treats even if you don't take them out of the box. In summary, you need to have a supply of pastry boxes, especially if you are running deli shop or bakery. You can have them fully customized with your shop logo which also serves as an advertising medium. They are a smart investment in marketing and branding of your business and offer a real service to your customers. 


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Pastry Boxes - More Than Just Packaging
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