What are the hazards if the vacuum cleaner brush is not cleaned for a long time?

In recent years, the retail scale of China's vacuum cleaner market has continued to expand and demand has continued to rise. Many families have bought vacuum cleaners, and some diligent friends even use the vacuum cleaner to clean 2-3 times a week. But did you know that the vacuum cleaner brush also needs to be cleaned regularly?

Traditional cleaning methods are difficult to clean dust and dandruff. These particles will enter the human body through the nasal cavity and respiratory tract and fall into dark diseases. The emergence of vacuum cleaners solved this problem for us. In order to cope with the cleaning of various areas, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have customized different types of vacuum cleaner brushes, such as soft vacuum brushes, pet brush heads, mite removal brush heads, flat nozzle brush heads, gap cleaning nozzles, etc. Facilitate our household cleaning work.

Why do we need to clean the brush of the vacuum cleaner regularly? This is because of hair, dust, particles, mites, etc. after long-term use. Will stick to it. Especially for some brush heads, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect, manufacturers will customize high-density brush filaments to absorb dust and particles. The thick hairiness is good for the adsorption of dust, and it also provides opportunities for these dirts to hide dirt and accept dirt.

If the brush of the vacuum cleaner is not dry enough after use, put it in a cool place, the trace oxygen and moisture in the air will cause microorganisms to multiply, resulting in mildew and mildew. In the subsequent use, these multiplying molds will randomly "fall to the ground" everywhere in the home with the brush of the vacuum cleaner, and enter the human body according to the evaporation effect, which may induce tracheitis and tonsillitis. Especially those with children or those with fragile respiratory system need to pay more attention. It is essential to clean the brush head well.

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What are the hazards if the vacuum cleaner brush is not cleaned for a long time?
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