Ayusha homam puja

The word “Ayush” represents “Age” and the person who wishes for healthy long life/improving the longevity can perform Ayusha homam.

Ayush homam is the worship of “Ayur devatha(God of life)”.If a person/child getting affected easily/ suffering of unhealthiness often or getting illness often can perform this puja. Ayush puja can be performed on the first birthday of child on the Janma nakshatara.It is believed that performing Ayush homam on their occasion of birthday eradicates all the health issues and evill effects on the child.The child will be blessed with good health and good long life. The Ayush Homam/puja is also performed during completion of the 60th birthday, 80th birthday & 100th year to earn the benevolence of longevity, relief from mental trauma and attain success.

Ayush homam performed whether in temple or home, when the person came out from the sufferings of terminal illness or any ailment for longer days.In general, ayush homa performed once in a year/even multiple times which is to be effective in curing serious health ailments and will have a great impact on the mind and mental health of a person.

Ayush homa is the powerful remedy to restore health and remove the bad yogas.

Benefits of Ayush homam/puja

·         Performing this puja removes the bad or negative effects in the previous birth/past karma and improves the overall well being of the person.

·         Reduces the chances of accidents, major health threats, injuries and untimely death.

·         Eliminate the health related issues and physical stress in life.

·         Get relief from the chronic diseases and incurable illness.

·         Achieving success in both material and spiritual life.

·         Attain Positivity, sacredness, happiness and prosperity

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Ayusha homam puja
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