Cabinet Baseboard makes working on the countertop of the cabinet safer and more comfortable

  At the bottom of each bottom cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom, you will notice a notched outline under the cabinet's front door. This notched profile, called Cabinet Baseboard, is an ergonomic feature designed to make working on the cabinet's table safer and more comfortable.

  This seems to be a small advantage, but long-term experience has shown that this small amount can make it easier for users to stand for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable tilting, and without trying to maintain balance.

  Like many other standard features of home and furniture design, Cabinet Baseboard follows a fairly common measurement standard. This standard is so common that factory-made cabinets always follow these standard Cabinet Baseboard sizes, and the experienced carpenter or carpenter who builds the base cabinets will include Cabinet Baseboards with these standard sizes.

  Such standards are neither legal requirements nor mandatory requirements of building codes. On the contrary, over time, builders have determined that such measurements can bring greater comfort and safety, so unless expressly instructed otherwise, it is best to follow these measurements.

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Cabinet Baseboard makes working on the countertop of the cabinet safer and more comfortable
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