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This is a brand new minigame in runescape that you are transported into an alternate universe

Speak to the Summoning Master in order to start this miniquest or minigame. The Titanic Coliseum Sure, but have you ever heard of it? This isn't the truth. Well it's true that beggars aren't pickers OSRS Power Leveling. The Titanic Coliseum offers a large arena in which you can display your her skills against Summoning Familiars. What do you mean by saying that I could defeat summoning family members? That's exactly! You're invited to do that! Yes! (conversation continues) Do you want to hear the rules?

Welcoming to the Titanic Coliseum. You'll be guided through the tutorial to help you comprehend what's going on. Yes! Now, pay attentively! To begin the round, you'll be given 30 seconds at start of each round in order to prepare for the oncoming slaughter-that's right, fight! This is it!

Woof woof! If you've got 11+ Summoning it will say "Oh man! Fresh meat!" Are you my opponent? It's only a little wolfie! Ow, it bit me! Don't undervalue your opponent. To win a game you have to destroy. I don't mean to kill, but I do. I know what you are referring to. This is what I do every day. Thank you, Saradomin! This is fantastic! I was thinking you were a wimp! Sorry. To win, simply kill the Wolf.

As the Summoning Master stated, just take out the familiar present in the arena. This was easy. It's always easy to win the first round. But wait until you see this... Oh, bring it on! Holy sweetcorn! Milord, I was ordered to take down the brat who was insolent. It's true, I'd rather to kill someone else osrs infernal cape buy. Titan I'm sure of that. I'm planning to teach him/her how the game works. Oh. It's perfect, then Milord! Shall I take a note?

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This is a brand new minigame in runescape that you are transported into an alternate universe
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