How to write an effective introduction to set IELTS Writing 2

IELTS Writing Task 2 Introduction

This article will help you understand the requirements for writing Introduction in the essay Writing 2 IELTS and will give specific article Writing examples, which I advise you to use my students when writing introductory IELTS Writing Task 2 instructions.

Introduction is the first part of the essay that the examiners check, and it should give them the most positive first impression on what to expect in the rest of this task.

Just as when meeting a person, the first impression of reading the entry is always shown by verifying.

I often tell my disciples that bad introduction to IELTS essay. How to Write An Introduction? Written in part 2, this is the same as if you gave the oral part of IELTS and at the very beginning he was heated by the examiner - no matter how good you are in the rest of the exam, the examiner will not be supportive to you and accurately reduce you with a final assessment.

Despite this warning, many students continue to make typical errors in joining.


Typical errors in the introductory part of IELTS Writing Task 2

1. Too generalized introduction
Most of these essay begin with "Nowadays ......" or "In Modern Life ...", and then there is some kind of general information about this topic. In my opinion, this is the worst beginning that you can do. Remember that you must answer the question, and not to write about the topic.

2. Lack of your personal opinion / approval on the question of the essay
(TheSis Statement)
This is the most important offer in the essay. Its absence automatically leads to the loss of a significant number of points in the assessment. I will tell you more about this below.

3. Lack of instructions on what and how are you going to discuss in essay
If you do not include an offer in which you want to write about in your essay, the examiner, naturally, will not know about it either. And it will also lead to loss of points in your final assessment. Below, I will show you how this offer is written.

4. Attempting to "plant" reading "on the hook" or adhere to entertainment, light style
Remember that this is an IELTS exam, and not university essay. There are no extra points for the fact that the essay, to a certain extent, is "interesting." Rather, the opposite. Like a paradoxical, but the "boring" essay will help you gain a higher score. It is for the same reason that avoid an overly vest language.

5. Use of informal style
Know your audience. You must write in academic style.

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How to write an effective introduction to set IELTS Writing 2
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