5 Reasons To Use Adjustable Tiller

Spring is here, and the farming season is here! Many gardeners question whether to use a front fork or a rear fork. One of the characteristics of posterior teeth is that they are very suitable for hard, hard soil. Here are 5 reasons to choose posterior teeth for your job.

1. The adjustable tiller has wheels driven by the engine, which means that the fork works independently of the wheels.

2. They can have counter-rotating tines, which means the tines rotate in the opposite direction to the wheel. This action is useful for cultivating new or extremely hard ground. Or standard rotating tines, which means they rotate in the same direction as the wheels. This action is useful for re-cultivating the soil.

3. They have adjustable depth adjusters, allowing you to cultivate at various heights for different types of soil.

4. Most of them have large pattern wheels, which can drive the tiller steadily.

5. They have side baffles and rear baffles, which can increase the safety factor for your farming.

No matter which type of tiller you choose, be sure to consider the size of the garden and who will cultivate it. While you increase your bounty, be sure to enjoy your time outdoors!

The multifunctional brush cutter is also a good helper for garden trimming, he can help you repair the lawn.

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5 Reasons To Use Adjustable Tiller
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