How to Track Your Gig Income Without Problem

If you’re a gig worker, you're your own boss. You enjoy the pliability when it involves selecting the sort of jobs, also because the work schedule. Such perks could easily make many corporate sector employees jealous. However, when it involves a daily paycheck or pay stub, it's the gig workers who are at the losing end. 

Not having a daily income or pay stub isn't a drag always, but in certain scenarios, it's going to be a setback, like once you are applying for a loan and need to point out your income proof. You can however, easily overcome this issue if you're keeping track of all of your income. 

Now, many of you would possibly be thinking that keeping track of the gig income may be a simple thing together can always check the balance on the app they work for. Yes, checking the balance is usually an option, but once you work for quite one platform or client, it could get very challenging to stay track of all things.

This, however, doesn’t mean that those working for quite one platform or client can’t keep a track of their income. They will also easily keep track of all their gig income, and every one they have to try to to is follow the below mentioned ways. These ways are even useful for those that work for only one or two platforms.

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How to Track Your Gig Income Without Problem
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