Product specifications and technical details of Graphite Gaskets

  Advantages of flooded lead-acid batteries

  Since these are the most common battery types, they are also the easiest and cheapest and can be replaced in due course. This type of battery also does not have any electronic equipment and can generate a large current in a short period of time. This makes them ideal for starting car engine batteries.

  Disadvantages of flooded lead-acid batteries

  Because these batteries require a certain amount of liquid to function properly, you need to easily maintain the battery system every 3-6 months. This can be difficult, depending on where the battery is in the RV.

  Among the main battery types, the flooded lead-acid batteries of Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers also have the shortest overall lifespan and may be negatively affected by extremely hot or cold temperatures. You must also install them in an upright position, otherwise, they will leak water and acid and cause malfunctions.

  The flooded battery of Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers has a port on the top, when it gets low, it can be removed to add distilled water.

  12v Solar Gel Battery is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.

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Product specifications and technical details of Graphite Gaskets
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