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Pain Relief Medications: Types, Prescription & Side Effects

Are you suffering from Pain? If yes, have a look here.

Pain is an uncomfortable feeling that tells you that something is wrong with your body. In response to a stimulus, our nervous system activates, which gives us a feeling of pain. Pain can range from acute(moderate) to chronic(severe), and it may be described as the feeling of throbbing, aching, stabbing, burning, pinching, or soreness. We will further discuss the causes of pain in detail. First, let's know a bit more about pain.

Pain can only affect a specific body part or it may hurt all over the body, like in the flu. People respond differently to pain, Some people have high tolerance power whereas some people have very little. So the feeling of pain may vary from person to person.

Duration of pain depends upon the type of pain you are dealing with. In acute pain, the pain may start and stop within a few minutes, or it may occur only under a few circumstances. It may also be severe which may last for a while. In chronic pain, the pain may be long-lasting, which comes and goes repeatedly for several months or years. Pain is of many types, a few of them are described below. You must have a look at them too.

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Pain Relief Medications: Types, Prescription & Side Effects
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