The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Campaign Management

When a Google Ad Campaign goes live, you need to consider three core areas to improve and monitor. The three areas are those places that you can refer to where all the optimization and testing efforts need focus.

Component #1. Targeting Ads

If ads are not able to target ideal customers, your campaign is not likely to get successful. During the initial campaign setup, find the relevant keywords that your ideal customers might be on the look. Even though ad targeting may sound simple to you, there are a lot of factors at play. The three key areas make us want to find the opportunities to cut anything that is not working on your advertising budget.

Below are three key areas you need to consider when you optimize your ad targeting:

  1. Keywords

The first thing we need to consider is keywords. Now there are few specific points you need to know about keywords, and these are:

  • Keyword      optimization: One of the most critical targeting factors in the search      campaign is selecting keywords. It is, however, quite tough to know every      single keyword variation that will perform well or the other keywords that      looked great but underperform for some reasons.

  • Keyword      pruning: The main goal of pruning is to delete the keyword phrases that      seem irrelevant or generating clicks but no conversions. You can also find      the related information by clicking on the ‘Keywords’ tab and then      clicking on the ‘Search term” subtab.

  • Keyword  fishing: The major goal of fish is to look for additional keywords. You      can find ones that look promising or either converting. Just like pruning,      fishing starts with the Search term report.

  • Replanting keywords: Replanting is where you move from your best performing keywords to the lower performing and unproven keywords.

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Campaign Management
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