Do not confuse Sealed AGM Battery with gel battery, they are different

  Many original equipment manufacturers are installing Sealed AGM Battery as original equipment. Although they provide many benefits (especially to car owners), they also present some inherent dangers to technicians.

  The sealed AGM Battery is sealed and will not overflow, which means that it can be installed in non-traditional locations (that is, other than under the hood) and non-traditional angles (that is, not always completely horizontal). They are vibration resistant, so in addition to finding them in vehicles, they are also found in some motorcycles, ATVs, and many marine applications (note; do not confuse Sealed AGM Battery with gel batteries, they are different). Therefore, if Sealed AGM Battery does not have the leakage hazard of traditional lead-acid batteries, what is the hazard?

  Because they are sealed devices, Sealed AGM Battery is inherently prone to overcharging. Traditional lead-acid battery chargers usually have an output of 16 to 18 volts-well above the 14.4-volt maximum specified by the Sealed AGM Battery design. So what is the worst situation here?

  Using conventional battery chargers on Sealed AGM batteries may cause serious damage to the electrolyte and premature battery failure. Traditional chargers may also cause the Sealed AGM Battery to explode-we never (never) don't want our technicians to see this danger.

  The appearance of traditional lead-acid batteries and these new Sealed AGM batteries are usually very similar. Before connecting a traditional charger to the battery in the vehicle (especially when it is far from the engine compartment)-check to see if it is marked "non-spillable". If this is the case, please use only chargers designed for Sealed AGM Battery (and/or gel battery) batteries.

  Sealed Deep Cycle Battery is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.


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Do not confuse Sealed AGM Battery with gel battery, they are different
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