How Do I Find My Phone Number in Outlook?

In reality, every time, it’s not easy to remember your contact phone numbers. Even you may forget your contact’s profile information such as name, company address, and company email address, etc. In case, you may need to how do I find my phone number in Outlook? Then, in this article, you will see two ways to find contacts by phone number in Outlook.

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First Way: Remember the Entire or Start Numbers of Phone Number

In your Outlook, you can directly type the phone number into the “Search Box”. Then you will find the contacts with this phone in the searching results. 

Second Way: Remember Part of Phone Number

Step 1: Go to your Contacts section. Then open the “contact” folder that the contact you find may be saved in.

Step 2: Go to the “Search Tools” section, and then “Search Box” overhead contact list. Click the “Search Tools”, then choose “Advanced Find” from the drop-down list (in Outlook 2010 and 2013). Or Tools>Instant Search>Advanced Find (Outlook 2007).

Step 3: Click on the “Advanced” tab, and then hit on the Field>Phone number Fields>then Business Phone. Hit on the “Conditior” box, choose the contains from the drop-down list. In the "Value box", enter the part of the phone number that you remember. Tap on ‘add to list’, then ‘find now’ button.


Hence, outlook customer service phone number is reachable 24 hours to user’s assistance to fix Outlook related technical queries.

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How Do I Find My Phone Number in Outlook?
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