Face Socks - What Are the Disadvantages?

Most people wear face socks even when they regularly go out to the pool or like going out on the beach. They are specially designed to keep your feet dry from the sun rays, so they are especially designed for wading in the pool. An example of such a popular kind of face sock available is the GORE-EX® Lifestyles Waterproof Face Shield by Gore-text. If you have tried other brands of such socks, then you will know that they simply do not work as well as these products. However, there are various reasons why they may not work for you.

The first reason for this is that cotton socks will tend to absorb the sweat that comes with yourself while you are exercising. You can see this moisture on your face. This is because cotton is a natural fiber which will trap your perspiration just like your socks do. In addition to that, the fibers trap the moisture, which means that your skin gets dried faster than what it should be.

The second reason is that cotton socks will absorb the water from your body perspiration. As we know, the sweat is an essential part of the body's temperature regulating system. When we get sweaty, the body perspires and then the socks absorb the moisture. So, after some time, you will start to feel uncomfortable due to wet socks.

Cotton socks are also very difficult to dry. There are many ways you can dry them such as using your hair dryer, taking them off and putting them in a bowl of warm water or by simply placing them in your freezer for about 10 minutes. However, when you do so, you will notice that your socks start to wrinkle. Wrinkling happens because the fibers inside your socks have been damaged. They cannot absorb moisture anymore and it will result to wrinkles on your face.

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Face Socks - What Are the Disadvantages?
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