The Role Of Universal Joint For The Truck In Cars

We all know that every part of the car is very important, and the universal joint for truck is also a very important part of the car. So, what role does the universal joint play in the car?

A single universal joint cannot equalize the instantaneous angular velocities of the output shaft and the shaft input shaft, which may easily cause vibration, aggravate the damage of the mechanical parts, and generate a lot of noise. Therefore, the universal joint transmission form of rear-drive cars adopts double universal joints, that is, there is a universal joint at each end of the transmission shaft. Its function is to make the angle between the two ends of the transmission shaft equal and to ensure that the output shaft and the shaft enter the shaft. The instantaneous angular velocity is always equal.

Because of the limitation of the axial size, the deviation angle is relatively large, and ordinary universal joints are difficult to handle. Therefore, various constant velocity universal joints are widely used. In general front-drive vehicles, each half shaft uses two constant velocity universal joints. The universal joint near the transaxle is the inner universal joint of the half shaft, and the outer universal joint of the half shaft is near the axle.

However, there are many types of universal joints, so custom universal joints will also be a good choice.

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The Role Of Universal Joint For The Truck In Cars
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