Relation Between Anger & Anxiety

We all know that anger is a sort of powerful emotion that can stem from feelings of frustration, stress, depression, etc. you can say it's a normal human reaction that can range from a slight irritation mood to a strong rage of aggressive feeling.

Anger can be harmful, depending upon how it gets expressed. Knowing that how to recognize and express anger in appropriate ways can help people to reach goals, handle emergencies, and solve problems. However, the problems might occur in case people fail to recognize and understand that if they are going through an anger issue or not.

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All you have to do is to survive to cope with the stress of anxiety ...

Always remember that disappointment is a feeling of distress ...


Whereas Anxiety-Disorder is more than slightly linked to the feelings of worries, fear, frustration & depression i.e. out of the ordinary for daily triggers. Many of us with an anxiety disorder will often be quick to anger ( which naturally usual); however, the link between anger and anxiety is often missed or ignored, or overlooked. Generally, Anxiety-Disorder is seen as connected with overstimulation from a stressful environment or a sudden threat, combined with the perceived inability to deal with the threat. In contrast, anger is often tied to frustration. Usually, when anxiety is left unacknowledged and unexpressed, it can turn into a severe feeling of frustration, which can lead to extreme anger. When anxiety turns to anger, it is because an individual who expresses anger will have an underlying fear about something in his life. When individuals are scared or worried Anxiety is the worry or fear you feel in response to a perceived threat. In other words, Anger is kind of a threat response, but it’s coupled with a strong sense of annoyance.

According to researchers, these two emotions (anxiety and anger) may play an important role in our ability to sense and react to the danger & possible threat, about something or anything, they often choose anger, unconsciously, as a way to feel as though they are in control of their anxiety.


How Anxiety Triggers Anger?

Anxiety and anger share a lot of territories.

Both emotions cause physical symptoms by releasing powerful hormones into your bloodstream. Both can be triggered by everyday experiences. And both can be either improved or worsened by your thought patterns. Individuals with anxiety usually have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep and, as a result, may be sleep deprived. Anger does not have to be intentional, and with individuals who have an anxiety disorder, this anger is often an automatic reaction to an anxious trigger or the effects of long-standing anxiety. 

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Relation Between Anger & Anxiety
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