What should I pay attention to in the passenger elevator?

In order to ensure the normal use of the passenger elevator and the personal safety of the passengers inside, WEBSTAR will tell you what to pay attention to in the passenger elevator?

1. It is best not to press the button repeatedly while waiting for the elevator, so as to avoid accidental elevator stop or button failure;

2. Don't stay between the hall door and the car door for too long when riding, you should fast in and out;

3. Don't lean on the door while waiting for the elevator to avoid falling into the hoistway because the car does not come down;

4. If the elevator door is about to be closed, don't force your hands or feet to stop the door from closing. The best way is to ask someone in the elevator to help press the door button;

5. When it is raining, it is best to cover rain gear with water with plastic straps to prevent raindrops from entering the shaft and short-circuiting;

6. Before entering the elevator, be patient to see if the elevator door is open, and then enter;

7. If valuables fall into the gap, don't blindly dig it out by yourself, and report to the property department for assistance;

8. Don't jump or mess with buttons in the running elevator;

9. Never overload;

In general, there are too many news about passenger elevator accidents. Everyone should wake up and cherish their lives.

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What should I pay attention to in the passenger elevator?
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