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The Role Of Power Grass Trimmer

A lady uses power grass trimmer to trim the trees next to the fence.
Most lawns can benefit from a trimmer because it allows you to take care of areas that the lawnmower cannot easily reach. If you have a lawn that runs along the fence line, grass that grows against the house, or trees on the lawn, you can use a trimmer to more easily maintain the shape of the landscape. String trimmers also allow you to carefully trim around delicate flower beds, or to treat thick grass or weeds that might clog most lawn mowers.

Some string trimmer models can use accessories for other landscaping work. You can purchase a rope trimmer attachment that converts the trimmer to an edge trimmer, brush cutter, field cultivator, blower, sweeper, hedge trimmer or electric pole saw.

A man uses green, black and gray cordless trimmers to trim the grass near the sidewalk.
The electric string trimmer is easier to start and easier to maintain than the gas model. Compared with the gas engine, the motor on the electric trimmer runs with less noise and vibration. It also does not produce emissions from gas engines.

Compared with corded models, cordless thread cutters provide you with more mobility. Lithium-ion batteries with a rated voltage of 40 to 80 volts provide more power and runtime than low-voltage batteries, allowing you to handle larger tasks. The charging time varies from one hour to several hours, depending on the battery and charger.

The corded trimmer can provide constant power without recharging and without the weight of a battery. Corded trimmers require an extension cord, which limits the size of the work area and can be difficult to manage if there are trees or other obstacles in the yard. Follow the equipment manufacturer's specifications for suitable extension cords, and refer to the power cord safety instructions.

To get the most out of your outdoor kit, look for equipment that uses the same battery and charger.
Air string trimmer
One person uses an orange straight shaft trimmer to trim around the flowerbed.
The air string trimmer is more powerful than many electric models and is a good choice for large areas and heavier growth. They provide mobility and long runtimes. Most gas trimmers have a crank with a pull start, but some models start with power equipment or electric drills and special drills that can be purchased separately, without the use of a pull cord.

The gas trimmer requires suitable fuel and can only handle a certain level of ethanol. Follow the manufacturer's requirements and read Refueling outdoor power equipment for tips on keeping the machine properly fueled.

Lawn mower

Of course, sometimes you can't just rely on the trimmer, but also the telescopic pole saw , because only it can reduce the thick branches.

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The Role Of Power Grass Trimmer
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