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How to choose a wig set according to the quality of wigs

Charming Straight Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Real hair wig set, usually refers to the 100% real hair wig set made of hair. But there are many businesses do not indicate the hair content, so it is difficult for customers to distinguish. Today will teach you how to identify whether it is a real hair wig set.

Chinese market because of hair styling problems recently appeared a number of mixed high temperature silk, or protein silk wig sets. This kind of participation in the chemical fiber hair wig set, the most common problem is easy to knot. Because the chemical fiber is not elastic, as long as the hair has a little loss will affect the knotting, knotting is not easy to untie, the hair is easy to frizz. A simple analogy short hair like Cialis hair, long hair like the Golden Lion King! And this kind of mixed with chemical fiber adulterated hair, strictly speaking, is not considered a real hair wig set.

A, real hair wig set 100% real hair hair color is not pure

Heterochromatic hair content, mechanism products should not exceed 2 / 300mm hair curtain length, hand-woven products should not exceed 2 / 10000 square millimeters

Second, real hair wig set hair content is not accurate

Labeled 100% human hair products, human hair content should not be less than 98%; products made of human hair and artificial color hair mixture, its human hair content negative deviation rate of not more than 5%.

Third, the size of the real hair wig set size is not standard

Wig set cap bottom should be left and right symmetry, perimeter length, depth, front and back length deviation of not more than 10mm.

Fourth, real hair wig set dyeing easy to lose color problem

a) dry friction color fastness should be not less than 4;

b) wet friction color fastness should be not less than 3;

c) sunlight fastness should be not less than 3 to 4.

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How to choose a wig set according to the quality of wigs
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